Welcome to our fifth episode of Behind The Scenes with Harry’s Youth Theatre, where we get to talk to some of the cast from our upcoming show Shrek The Musical.  In today’s blog post we meet Ethan Faulkner who is playing Lord Farquaad, who is the ruler of Duloc.  He is in pursuit of perfection and is attempting to get rid of the fairy tale creatures, whilst sending Shrek and Donkey off to find Princess Fiona so he can marry her and become King.

Watch the video below to find out a bit more about Lord Farquaad and Ethan.

Ethan is currently in Year 11 of Bishop Gore Comprehensive School studying for his GCSE’s.  He has played a variety of characters in previous Harry’s shows including the Bishop in Les Miserables, Emmo in Our House and will be playing Jean Valjean in his school production of Les Miserables very soon.

Ethan will be performing as Lord Farquaad on Thursday 13th 7pm February, Friday 14th 7pm February, Saturday 15th at 2pm and 7pm.