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Rules and Regulations

Fees are £90 per quarter, payable at the beginning of January, April, July and October. Fees are to be paid either online (Barclays, 13570789, 20-84-41) by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to the Sir Harry Secombe Trust. Should you have any difficulty in making the payment, please speak to Sharon.



The uniform consists of a school t-shirt or hoodie, comfortable bottoms, trainers or jazz shoes. These shoes are important for Health & Safety reasons. Uniform order forms are available by clicking this link
The uniform is great way of advertising our group. Everyone will know who we are. This uniform will also be worn when we perform outside of the Theatre.


Pupils must attend every rehearsal. If you are unable to attend, please inform us direct, via the group telephone (07866059747) and leave a message or text. IF YOU HAVE THREE UNEXPLAINED ABSENCES ON THE REGISTER, IT WILL BE ASSUMED THAT YOU HAVE LEFT AND YOUR PLACE WIL BE ALLOCATED TO SOMEONE ELSE.


AT ALL TIMES, pupils will have respect for their teachers, chaperones, Theatre staff and all premises used by the group. In return, our teachers and chaperones will have respect for all pupils. Persistent bad behaviour will not be tolerated, will affect your audition chances and will result in your being asked to leave the group. Admittance to the group is at the discretion of the Trustees.


It is important to participate in all of Harrys events, not just the main show. Exceptions are rare and at the discretion of the Trustees. These smaller events are how we raise the necessary funding for our major productions and your support is required.


Pupils must be on time for rehearsals. We work on tight schedules and it is very important that we are able to start on time.


We are very lucky to be able to be based at the Grand Theatre. Our classes are held in a professional working environment, and we must respect this at all times. Please keep the noise level down on entering and leaving the building.  There is often a show underway during our classes and there are always members of the public about.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is NOT allowed at the Theatre, in any class, rehearsal or show.

Mobile Phones

All mobile phones MUST be switched off during classes. Please do not text, chat or take pictures during the rehearsal periods.

Personal Details

Should any of your personal details or circumstances change, please let us know so that we can amend our records.  You can download our Personal Details form by click on this link

Social Media 

We have a closed Facebook group for Harrys students and parents only – Harrys Youth Theatre.

We also have a Harrys Youth Theatre News & Events page for general use.  Please Like our page.

Instagram is Harrys Youth Theatre.  Please follow us

Twitter is @harrys_swansea Please follow us

Please use social media responsibly, negative comments, criticism or degrading remarks will not be tolerated. Do not share any rehearsal footage outside of Harrys, unless permission is given by Sharon Roberts or Hugh Stevens.

Bursary & Funding

As we are a Trust, we are sometimes able to give small bursaries to our students. We have an amount set aside each year for students who are going on to study in Performing Arts or Music at College or University. We are also able to give a limited number of free or subsidised places in our classes. To be fair, we will review each space on a 6 monthly basis. This is at the discretion of the Trustees, and will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

If you would like further information on any of the above, please speak to Sharon Roberts on 07866059747.

We would appreciate your cooperation as a pupil, parent or guardian with all of the rules and regulations.