Well Tommy the Teddy has been on his adventures again this week with Dylan and Rosalie.

They got to take Tommy home because Harry’s had wonderful reports from our variety show off their chaperone who tells me that Dylan knew exactly what he was doing and where he was supposed to be at all times even though he is amongst the younger end of the juniors and Rosalie not only was extremely well behaved during the entire day and rehearsal period leading up to the show but also very very kind to her fellow class mates – well done both.

Tommy teddy started his week off at Rosalie and Dylan’s with a quick stop to the chip shop after Harrys 😋

Rosalie took Tommy along to guides for some fun! And Dylan took Tommy to practice Jiu Jitsu.

During the day whilst they were at school Tommy played with their baby brother Myles 💙

Tommy ended the week with a walk and had lots of fun in the park 🐻

Tommy – “Thank you for visiting 😊” said Dylan, Rosalie, Myles and mum Katie