Meet Tommy the Teddy – Harry’s Youth Theatre Mascot.  Tommy gets awarded to a different child each week to take home.  The children are encouraged to take Tommy with them to some exciting places – maybe dance class or cubs or the park – and to share photos of their adventures together.

This week Nancy Cann got to take home Tommy for the week because we had amazing feedback from her chaperones on the day of the show (Curtain Call) – kind, generous and supportive to her fellow classmates. So lovely to hear.

Nancy’s mum Jennifer said “Tommy was very brave on his adventure in the woods and climbed to the top of the tree!!! For his bravery we treated him to a Joe’s ice cream!! Which he loved!!”

Who doesn’t love a Joe’s icecream Lucky Tommy and Nancy!

Each week Tommy the Teddy will be awarded to a different child in recognition of their achievements – big or small – here at Harry’s we love to acknowledge growth, kindness and community amongst our group.